An upscale automotive dealer offers coffee, soft drinks and snacks to clients while they wait for their cars to be serviced. The auto logo is displayed on Tranter Graphics Java Jackets, paper cups, napkins and plastic plates.

    An automotive manufacturer hosts a cocktail party for their preferred customers, introducing their new car model. They purchase a custom TGI food service kit, including disposable plates, napkins and wine/champagne glasses. The products advertise the manufacturer’s logo and the logo of the new model, which adds a great deal of professionalism to the gathering.

    A leading motorcycle manufacturer hosts an annual party for their employees and customers, using a number of TGI food service products all imprinted with the motorcycle logo. What a special way to say thanks for a great year.

    A small-town automotive dealer celebrated their 50th anniversary of being in business with a cocktail and hors d’oeuvre reception. Customers, friends, family and the mayor all filled the showroom to honor the milestone. To complement the festive event, colored napkins with a Gold Foil imprint and matching cups were imprinted with the dealership’s original logo and the years in business.

   A car dealership has a summer blowout sale to get rid of inventory. The dealership has free hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, and slushies. They also have a table set up to create more awareness for drunk driving. They hand out different colored coolies and each color is a fact about drunk driving.





    A trade association was in need of gaining new members. They sponsored an educational event in conjunction with a cocktail party, utilizing Tranter Graphics products for coffee and snacks at the education seminar and for all the food service needs at the party.  

    Fundraising can be a great moneymaker, and paper napkins printed with a local historic site and picture can make the local community proud that they are part of the promotion. The imprinted napkins can be put in poly bags of a custom count. This gives the look of a high perceived value for the fundraising group. 

    A MADD chapter prints their message on coasters and then donates the coasters to local bars and restaurants to get the message out where the drinking is happening. 

    To celebrate the grand opening of a community center, stadium cups with straws and lids, hot/cold paper cups, paper plates and luncheon napkins were donated by a local business. People of all ages enjoyed the long awaited event, which was made complete by the design of the building displayed on each food service product. 

    A ‘Meals on Wheels’ program uses TGI custom-imprinted plates, cups and napkins to distribute with meals. The patrons are very appreciative of this gesture as they do not have to hunt for dishes or deal with much cleanup.  

           A local craft bazaar has booths set up for local food shops to sell food and drink. A local bread maker hands out samples of holiday flavored breads and promo napkins that list special ingredients for customers to try out at home with ingredients the bread maker sells.

           A city is hosting it’s annual Mardi Gras party downtown. They have vendors, concerts, games, and other activities to enjoy. Each vendor that sells drinks, gives them out in Tranter Graphics Neon party tumblers with their logo on the side. Other goers see these bright colored cups going around and they can then see where they were purchased by seeing the logo.

             A local activist group has a booth set up on a college campus promoting global warming causes and ways to prevent it from happening. They serve various handouts and flyers along with ice-cold refreshments in Tranter Graphics eco-friendly, biodegradable cups. They then give a brief pitch on using biodegradable, reusable products such as the cups, to prevent global warming.

  A non-profit organization puts together a Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate in their community.  They order Tranter Graphics 7” Colorware plates in festive fall colors to serve the pumpkin pie after dinner.   The plates are imprinted with organizations helpline phone number, and shelter address.  





    A large convention was approaching and a leading corporation in the apparel industry was looking for a quick and inexpensive way to gain advertising exposure. They ordered cups and napkins printed with their logo to donate to the organization. At each party and education seminar during the convention, the company was recognized for the donation.  

        A waste management company hosts its’ annual business meeting with investors and members of the board. At the meeting, drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served. Not only do they serve the food on eco-friendly plates, accommodating them are the eco-friendly cups, which go along with keeping the environment clean and purveying the message of being a ‘green’ company.

    Guests attending a corporate hosted holiday party are given three digitally printed stirrer sticks when they arrive.  Each of the three stirrers displays different messages regarding the successful sales of the company that year.  When guests are ready for a drink, they turn in one of their stirrers at the bar as a drink ticket.

    A corporation hosts a Super Bowl party for the employees and purchases TGI napkins and stadium cups for the party and for the employees to take home afterward.

    An annual company barbecue is approaching and the HR manager is looking for ways to improve attendance. She orders TGI Lobster/ Barbeque Bibs with the date, place and a ‘BBQ’ logo imprinted, and gives them out to all the employees. The attendance nearly doubled.

    One corporation moved office locations and, to let their customers know about this change, sent out a TGI custom-printed coaster cut in the shape of a house with their logo and new address along with their invoices. They found that many of the customers used it on their desks for several months to come, thus giving the mailing a much longer promotional life.

    A communications company was launching a promotion and mailed out a creative gimmick: using TGI imprinted paper cups, they tied two cups together with a string, and made an item reminiscent of the telephone game children played years ago. Who wouldn’t remember such a promotion?

    Corporations with private jets prefer to have distinctive appointments on hand for guests and corporate officials, but don’t need large quantities for such a purpose. They order custom-designed Tranter Graphics 500 Line Impressive Imprints napkins and pulp board coasters for beverages and finger foods, imprinted with an artist’s rendering of the jet and the company logo.

    Tranter Graphics custom-printed food service products add that special touch to any corporate get-together where food or beverage is involved! Holiday parties, lunch or dinner seminars, picnics, cocktail hours – the list is endless! TGI also specializes in disposable classic crystal drink ware, which elevates any function

            An association hosts a cocktail seminar with other members. With the drinks, members are handed a couple napkins and when they are opened, there is a spot for members to jot down notes from the seminar.

   A business selling a water filtration system orders the TGI 3.5oz clear sampler cups branded with their company’s logo and website.  These small clear cups are perfect for showing potential clients the difference in appearance and taste before and after the use of the filtration system.  These potential clients now walk away with the company’s logo and website in hand.   


   During employee appreciation week a large company sets up a coffee bar and orders the TGI Digital Java Jackets to be used.  To boost morale and show appreciation for all of the hard work done by the team, the Java Jackets are printed with a heartfelt thank you from the president of the company, and on the back is a gift of one paid personal day that the employee can use anytime in the next year.   

  Rather than using the everyday goody bags, a company orders the TGI 12 oz Economy cups for the annual Christmas Party.  The cups are imprinted with a festive holiday image and filled with candies and small toys.   When the Children visit with Santa they are given one of the treat filled cups to take home with them.







    A construction company hosts an open house to introduce a new model home. The company offers hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and uses napkins and cups printed with the new home design, which adds a warm feeling to the atmosphere and serves to remind attendees the purpose of the occasion. The ‘soft sell’ approach is well-received and multiple appointments are arranged for follow-up meetings.

    A construction contractor is asked to quote on and draw up some plans for a large steel building slated to be built in the community. They want the business and need to make a strong impression with the potential client. When the time came to deliver the quote and plans, the contractor asked for a noontime appointment, picked up lunch and brought in the Tranter Snack Pack food set along with the plans. The group spent their lunch hour eating, going over plans and addressing questions. The remaining Snack Pack items sat in their offices for days to come during the crucial decision-making time. Guess who was awarded the job?


           At a company awards reception, Fashnpoint Napkins are used in place of coasters. With a linen-like feel, these “mini” napkins give the perfect, elegant touch to any night time event. To add a shine to the night, a foil stamped logo could be used in one of our many foil colors.





    Finals are coming and a student organization recognizes this as a key opportunity to help students while raising money for themselves. They create a Mini Exam Survival Kit by inserting various snacks, motivational stickers and study tools in a 22oz Tranter Graphics stadium cup with a corresponding lid. The cup reflects their school colors and is custom-imprinted with their logo, as well as the library’s hours during this hectic study time! Parents receive a flyer regarding this opportunity to support their children from far away. They submit their payment information, along with a little note of encouragement to be included with the Mini Exam Survival Kit. The student organization raises money, the exam-takers get a jolt of confidence and a hug from home – success!

    Emma Sweet, a high school student running for class president, orders 500 paper food containers with lids and hands them out at the school assembly.  Printed on the containers is 'Vote Emma for a Sweeter Tomorrow'.  Students found a sweet surprised when they removed the lids and found a gourmet cupcake inside.

   A distributor advertises the Tranter Graphics Colorware line in catalogs marketed to university bookstores. The Colorware is available in twenty three festive colors and is printed with the school mascot. These products are perfect for tailgating, as they promote spirit and provide easy cleanup.

    A school is having a class reunion and uses custom-imprinted napkins, clear plastic cups for soda/wine, Trophy cups for coffee/tea and plates with the school logo, theme and graduation year to add to the ambiance of a memorable night.

    A school is anxious to expand their after school programs. Faced with budget-cutting left and right, they decide to take matters into their own hands and reach out to students’ families with a personalized napkin package fundraiser. The opportunities are endless – some decide they’d like to keep monogrammed beverage napkins on hand for entertaining while another student’s sister’s wedding is quickly approaching. The napkins are a big hit and families continue to order year in and year out, long after their child has gone on to higher education.

    A university fraternity was raising money for a charity, and hosted a party where the attendees purchased tickets and proceeds went to the charity. Party favors, including stadium cups, were sponsored by local businesses, which received advertising exposure by having their logo on the cups.

    A high school launched a safe-driving campaign at the beginning of a school year, and used TGI dispenser napkins imprinted with a safety message for the young drivers to keep in their cars.

    A high school uses custom-imprinted napkins and classic crystal cups for prom. The items display the prom theme and add a festive touch to the special occasion.

    With graduation right around the corner, both high school and college students enjoy celebrating their achievements with friends and family. Tranter Graphics custom-imprinted napkins, cups and plates truly make your graduate the star of the evening. Seeing their name adorned on each item fills them with pride and accomplishment. They really did it! Whether it’s for a booster club or the PTA, this fundraiser is an attractive solution for hosts who are concerned about party decor, broken glasses and plates, not to mention the after-party cleanup. Disposable items make it a snap!

   The high school cooking club hosts a charity event and sells TGI sampler cups printed with the name of the charity and the cooking club’s logo in packs of 10. The attendees purchase the sampler cups and can now choose 10 different treats to sample throughout the evening using the cups purchased for a good cause

   To raise money for prom a high school purchases Tranter Graphics Colorware napkins branded with school’s mascot and sells them in the school store in packs of 25.  The school colors are red and blue so they choose red napkins with a matte blue foil imprint, and blue napkins with a red matte foil imprint.  The napkins sell out quickly raising plenty of money for prom and were such a hit that the school re-orders them every year! 

 Friday night football games can get quite chilly in the fall for fans and a lot of hot coffee and cocoa are sold at the concession stands.  The school orders Tranter Graphics Digital Java Jackets imprinted with the school’s mascot, and the full football season schedule to make the warm beverages easier to hold while cheering in the stands.    

  Teachers and students at an elementary school celebrate the end of the school year with a field day and talent show.  To keep costs down and stay within budget the school orders Tranter Graphics 12 oz. economy cups with lids and straws.  Ice and water stations are set up and the students can use the cups throughout the day and have a souvenir to take home and use over the summer. 




    A family reunion uses TGI cups, napkins, plates and aprons during their picnic. These items help to create a lively atmosphere and bring pride to each family member in attendance.

    A Mother’s Day banquet uses TGI tablecloths, placemats, napkins and cups for its annual get-together.

    A couple orders Tranter Graphics napkins, drink stirrers and coasters for their wedding. The products are printed with the couple’s initials and date of the wedding.

    A proud father gives his daughter a bat mitzvah and orders custom imprinted napkins, plates, and cups that display the girl’s name, date and theme of the party. 

   25 years of marriage is a big milestone in a couple’s life.   A family decides to host a dinner to celebrate this milestone and orders Tranter Graphics Colorware beverage napkins. To surprise the guests of honor they order the napkins in the couples wedding colors classic pink and hot magenta with the couples names and a special quote printed in silver foil to add a special touch to this “Silver” anniversary celebration.  

   Tranter Graphics Digitally printed large Java Jackets are included in a welcome package to guests at a family camp.  The Java Jackets are printed with images of different items to be found for a scavenger hunt.  When all of the items are found the Java Jacket can be redeemed for a prize at the camps general store.  

   Tranter Graphcis 7” Plastic Colorware Plates are ordered for an annual Family Fall Festival.  The plates are ordered in orange with a black triangle printed in the center representing the nose of a jack-o-lantern.  The children then visit different stations and collect other pieces needed to complete the jack-o-lantern.  The plates are collected and put on display through out shops and restaurants around the town.  

 For their gender reveal party expecting parents order TGI Colorware 7” plastic plates, half in classic pink and half in pastel blue.  The plates are personalized with the babies’ due date.  Cake is served on the plates and the guests choose the color based on what they think the gender of the baby will be.  Behind the couple a banner is dropped revealing the gender and everyone that chose a pink plate holds it up the air and cheers, and the couple knows they are expecting a baby girl. 

  Thanksgiving is a big day for most families, and so much time is spent in the kitchen.  So one family has decided to use disposable items to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family.  They order Tranter Graphics 12oz Economy cups for the beverages printed with the family crest.   They are such a big hit that they order the cups every year for family gatherings.  

  For her sisters elegant wedding reception, a caterer orders TGI’s Lasting Impressions beverage napkins imprinted with the couples initials monogrammed in the center of the napkins, and the napkins are used for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  These linen like disposable beverage napkins go beautifully with the real linen napkins placed on the tables for the reception dinner.  






    A credit union promotes a new Passport to Savings program by offering savings tips to their customers.  Each week they offer a new tip on how to save money for the program.  Tip #1: forgo one morning latte this week and save $5.  That week's tip is printed on 8 oz. foam cups and given out with free coffee to customers.

    A bank is frequently approached for monetary donations from different non-profit organizations around the community. They decide to use custom-imprinted napkins, cups and plates from TGI for a donation that will have great impact and allow the bank to take the credit for supplying the food service products.

    A community bank has a banquet hall that is used from time to time by community organizations. They keep the kitchen stocked with food service products from TGI that display the bank’s logo. The organizations use the products, and the bank receives added advertising exposure.

    Some financial institutions provide custom-designed napkins and cups while discussing financial arrangements with customers. Many items offer information on their investment opportunities, in addition to the bank logo.

    One credit union purchases napkins and cups to honor their retirees. Their retirement parties are accented beautifully with these very special napkins, imprinted with the retiree’s name, picture, length of service and brief synopsis of accomplishments.






    A funeral director gives away a TGI Tote Bag Ensemble set to groups that prepare the meals for bereaved families. Since each ensemble holds napkins, cups, plates and plastic utensils for a 25-place setting, these items can be disposed of after each meal, leaving no dishes to wash. The funeral home logo is displayed on every product, and the family is grateful to have products given to them that provide easy cleanup in their time of need.

    A casket manufacturer finds a way to advertise their brand to local funeral homes. Knowing napkins, cups, plates and utensils are used continuously by funeral homes to give to families, the casket company decides to donate these items, thus goodwill toward their clients.



    A local city was celebrating Arbor Day at one of it’s many parks. They were planning a picnic lunch and needed disposable plates, cups and napkins. The whole event was based around making the Earth a better place to live so they did not want to use the traditional plastic items offered. They discovered Tranter’s Eco-friendly line of 100% biodegradable plates, cups and napkins. They promptly ordered the items and the picnic was not only fun, but Earth conscious too!

    Organizations and lobbyists have found that entertaining officials and candidates for public office is still more effective with their message conveyed neatly on custom-designed Tranter Graphics items at teas, cocktail hours, fundraisers, rallies, conferences and recognition banquets.

    Many state governor offices have discovered that custom-designed TGI 500 Line items, imprinted with the state seal and governor’s name, add dignity and prominence to state functions.

    The United States Navy has used TGI custom-imprinted products for promotion and retirement parties.

    Government embassies have used Tranter Graphics napkins, cups, stirrers and coasters custom-imprinted with the impressive embassy logo for entertaining.

    Tranter Graphics napkins have even been used on governmental transportation vehicles, such as Air Force One and Sequoia.





    Nursing associations often come together and serve snacks and refreshments to hospital staff, patients and visitors. By using TGI custom-printed napkins, cups and plates, they promote the association’s positive efforts and spread goodwill.

    TGI stirrers are used in flower pots sent to patients from a healthcare facility with an imprinted message to comfort their patients.




    A food manufacturer exhibits at several trade shows a year. To offer samples of their products, they use Tranter deli containers, which come in a variety of sizes. Yogurt, nuts, candy, soup and many types of finger foods can be given out in these bowls and containers.

    A well-known nut manufacturer produces and distributes an annual catalog from which their wholesalers can order imprinted promotional products. Tranter napkins and coasters were packaged together in a gift set that included beer steins from another promotional products company and the set continues to be a best seller!

    A food manufacturer introduces a new cereal and to launch it, buys time in grocery stores for sampling. TGI aprons and sampler cups are used with the new cereal’s logo printed on both products. The servers were so prominent in their attire that the cereal attracted four times the number of people as those drawn to the other testing booths.

    A national machinery manufacturer, who displays at many national trade shows, invites their key accounts to pre-show cocktail parties. One of the biggest problems at a cocktail party is juggling a drink in one hand and a plate of hors d’oeuvres in the other. For those who want to shake hands or eat, this is virtually impossible without growing a third hand. The manufacturer ordered TGI’s clear After Hours Tray and  1 piece Classic Crystal plastic wine glasses, which hold both the drink and snacks, leaving the other hand free for business cards or handshakes. They have ordered them throughout the year for nine different trade shows, imprinting each snack tray with a different trade show theme.

    A cookie manufacturer samples their cookies at malls across the country. The three-day event required that all the servers wear an apron each day. By the second day, cloth aprons would have looked soiled and very unprofessional. The TGI disposable apron costs less than a cloth apron and all the servers were able to present themselves professionally each day.

    A candy manufacturer introduces a new treat and sends a mailing to top customers. The new candy is packaged into TGI custom-imprinted stadium cups with lids, and the manufacturer is recognized and remembered for a creative promotion.

    A leading manufacturer of microwave ovens provides custom-designed 500 Line items to its sales outlets. Practical in their use with microwave demonstrations, the food service items carry ad copy for the product and company.

    A faux-fur manufacturer held a light-hearted cocktail party and fashion show for their key clients in which the theme was “Go Faux”. They used all sorts of pseudo-looking items as party favors. Included were Tranter’s Reflection® utensils (silver’s look-alike), champagne flutes, (faux crystal), and Luxury Linen napkins (linen-like). The table-setting looked like the real thing, as did their fur collection!



    A local radio station gives away tickets to area college games. They were not getting the recognition they wanted so, along with the tickets, they gave away a custom food service set consisting of Colorware products with the college mascot, radio station logo and tagline imprinted on the items, to be used at tailgates.

    A nationally broadcasted radio program was hosting it’s monthly sales meeting. The station management purchased Tranter’s Lunch Launcher Kit to use during the “working lunch” meeting. The goal of these meetings is to come up with new ideas of promoting the radio program to existing and potential customers. Not only did the Lunch Launcher Kit meet the needs of the employee meeting, the radio station decided this product would be great to sponsor and give away as freebies to contest winners and local businesses. What a great way to get name recognition!

    One television network wanted to encourage fans to use its reality show as an excuse for weekly get-togethers. They ordered matching cups, napkins and plates to be sold on the network’s website. The show is a hit and viewing parties are popping up everywhere using TGI products.

    A well-known television drama/crime series used Tranter’s Deli containers on a recent episode where the scene took place in a New York deli. Since the producers couldn’t use the real name of the deli, the imprinted containers reinforced the authentic look of the scene.

    A long-standing popular sports program was faltering among its younger demographic. In order to reposition its image in the minds of this market, the network distributed cleverly designed coasters, placemats and glasses to bars throughout the country. The impact was huge and the promotion was very well-received.



    A national pharmaceutical company is having a hard time getting appointments with doctor’s offices and, knowing that the doctors never go out for lunch, the sales person decides to bring in lunch and have a “lunch and learn” session. Adding to the professionalism, the sales person brings in a TGI custom-printed food service set which includes a tote bag filled with 25 napkins, plates, cups and utensils, all imprinted with the new drug they are promoting. After the session is over, many of the food service products are left over and put in the break room for future use, reminding the staff of the new drug. In one particular case, 15,000+ sets have been ordered and used for the last 2 years.

    A pharmaceutical company hosts a cocktail party for a group of doctors in a city to introduce the launch of a new drug. The company invests in custom printed napkins, wine glasses and After Hours Trays for the drinks and hors d’oeuvres, adding a professional and unique touch to an elegant night.



    A real estate company gives away custom imprinted food service sets to families who just purchased a new home. The set displays the real estate logo and is given the day the family moves in. They are appreciative to have many disposable food service products with which to eat, as their dishes are somewhere in a buried box. Family and friends stop by to see the home, and they also take note of the goodwill of the real estate company.

    One condominium company promotes homes through display models, accented beautifully with its own custom-designed napkins and coasters. Beverages are served while sales prospects tour the models and a unique atmosphere of distinctive, warm living is set.

    One realty company was launching a new promotion and ordered 10,000 TGI house-shaped coasters printed with their new program. They sent a mailing with this coaster, along with more information. They then gave these coasters to area bars and restaurants. The program was so successful that they had to reorder six times within a six month period. Please see the Tranter Graphics catalog for other custom shaped coasters.



    An outside concert venue uses TGI stadium cups, plates and napkins to promote the entertainment.

    Boating enthusiasts use napkins, coasters, placemats and paper plates to entertain on the high seas. TGI items are ideal vehicles to advertise the names of their boats, titles, call numbers and home port for use on the water or land.

    An enthusiastic football fan purchases the TGI Tailgater Kit items for his tailgating party every weekend. He purchases these items in the colors of his sports team, the team logo proudly displayed on each. These items promote spirit and provide easy cleanup.

    A golfer purchases TGI napkins, coasters, cups and stirrers, all with a continuous golf theme and name of the golfer, adding to the atmosphere of his personal bar at home.

    Stadium Cups are a great item for almost any activity or sporting event, but have you ever heard of mailing a stadium cup? One sponsor of a 10K run did just that. They invited winners of area 10K runs to participate in their event by putting the invitation in the stadium cup and mailing it. The attendance increased nearly 30%, due to the attention-getting mailing!

            A company has its’ summer picnic and bottled beer is one of the beverages being served. In each of the employees ‘gift bag’, is a bottle coolie. The employee can then use this for one free drink and then continue to use it the remainder of the event. 

    A casino was looking for some ideas for gift shops. They purchased custom imprinted stadium cups with lids and inserted a deck of cards into the cup to be sold as souvenirs.

    Even individual hobbyists have found a definite plus to Tranter Graphics items. They are an inexpensive way to exercise those bragging rights!

    Antique car collectors imprint them with a rendering of their auto, the model year and the owner’s name. 
Horse racing enthusiasts boast winners and accomplishments with unique designs, dates and titles won. 

    Owners of prize-winning pedigree dogs and cats find that show parties are more fun with napkins and coasters that advertise their kennels and breeds. 

               A local bowling alley hosts glow bowling on the weekends and for special events such as birthday parties. For these nights, drinks are served in Tranter Graphics Neon party cups for everyone to enjoy and to take home as a souvenir. The bowling alley could also choose to serve different colors of cups and offer anyone that ‘Collects All Four Colors,’ a special discount on drinks if the bring them back in.

            A club promoter has various music artists come perform throughout the summer. Drink stirrers are made for each musician performing. They each have the artists face and possible tour dates printed on the stirrer. Guests are encouraged to keep the stirrers and collect them to which they can turn in for free drinks, food, and prizes at the end of the summer.



    One Minneapolis church celebrated its 100th anniversary with placemats featuring the historical background of the church, complete with the renderings of the early church and the church as it stands today.

    A church has an annual family picnic and wants to give away something the families will keep, but is still cost-effective. They decide to order reusable stadium cups with the picnic theme and date printed on the cup.

    A community church has weekly dinners in the basement, and use the Picnic-Pak from Tranter, which includes an imprinted napkin with the church’s logo and utensils combined in a heat-sealed polybag.



    An exclusive country club treats their members like royalty by offering a Touch of Linen hand towel in their powder rooms, along with Touch of Linen napkins in their bar and restaurant. The sophisticated texture adds to the class of the establishment.

    A local sports bar is attracting patrons during the college football bowl games and purchases cups, coasters and napkins with the bar’s logo and a football theme displayed. They also give the patrons a reusable printed stadium cup that they may take home.

    A local seafood restaurant purchases TGI Lobster Bibs for their customers to protect their clothing while eating the delicious food.

    TGI Dispenser Napkins are given out to customers who order take-out from many types of restaurants. The extra napkins are much appreciated and the restaurant logo stays around longer than the food!

    A microbrewery uses TGI custom-imprinted coasters and Promo-Naps to advertise the brewery’s ‘Beer of the Month’ program.

    A popular restaurant, known for their wings, orders Tranter Graphics Piks to place in each basket. Since the Pik specifies whether the wings are WIMPY, AVERAGE, HOT, VERY HOT or CALL THE FIRE DEPT, this helps both the servers and the patrons as they decide which basket to grab!

          A local restaurant uses Tranter Graphics Promo Napkins that double as a menu. They use these napkins for dining in customers and also for customers ordering take-out. The restaurant has its’ name printed on the front and customers then open up the napkin and are shown a list of appetizers, entrées, and desserts, that the restaurant offers.

          A smoothie company offers free samples of smoothie flavors and hands them out to customers. Along with the smoothie sample, the customer is given Tranter Graphics Promo napkins with the smoothie’s nutritional information printed on the inside, along with ingredients and other smoothie flavors available by the company.

         A local golf club has a benefit outing to recognize members of the community that have passed away. Tranter Graphics Promo napkins are ordered with the name of the outing and on the inside is information on the  individual(s) and all that they were involved with in the community. There is also information on ways to donate to the individual(s) scholarship or other local charity that they supported.

            A country club has exclusive benefits for it’s members including free drinks, appetizers, and access to other amenities. When serving members the club uses product from the Tranter Graphics Eco Friendly line, to show members that the club cares about the environment.

             A  resort gives out special colored coolies pool side to guests that are reward members. Depending on the coolie color, the waiters/waitresses, know what drink perks that member gets, whether it’s free drinks or 50% off drinks.

    The local Irish Pub uses Tranter Graphics Colorware beverage napkins in the all of the colors of the rainbow imprinted with a four-leaf clover in gold foil to symbolize the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   Grouping of the assorted colors are spread throughout the pub for luck and a cheery splash of color during the annual St. Patrick’s Day events.  



   A large grocery store chain offers a birthday program with the purchase of a birthday cake. The customer can order the cake, along with custom imprinted balloons, cups, napkins and plates all displayed with the birthday child’s name and age.

    An upscale jewelry shop was promoting free jewelry cleaning and inspections during the holidays. While the customers waited for their jewels to be shined, they were offered coffee and holiday cookies with Tranter Graphics insulated paper cups and napkins.

    A new clothing store opens and key members of the community are invited to an open house cocktail party. TGI napkins, stemless wine glass and after hours trays are adorned with the store’s logo and the different lines they carry.

    A well-known grocery store chain was chosen by a food company to host a sampling event of a new flavored item in many of it’s stores. The gelatin food company purchased the TGI Taster Cup imprinted with the company and new product logos to sample it’s newest creation. It provided a convenient, affordable, and eye catching way to introduce the product. 



    A promotional products distributor orders the TGI After Hours Tray, and 1 piece classic crystal wine glasses to donate to their Chamber of Commerce for after hour functions. The distributor has their company information printed on the tray and receives end quantity pricing from Tranter Graphics. Business flourishes as many Chamber members now associate the distributor with unique ideas, and come to her for more creative ideas to help their businesses.

    A group of small local businesses combine their efforts and give away the Tote Bag Kits to each new mom at a nearby hospital. Each business has an area to advertise on the tote bag. The mothers are appreciative for the disposable food service products during such an exciting time, and the kit has a long life around the house.

    A local video franchise sold a microwave bag of popcorn along with a tub and a package of napkins with their custom logo. Their brand was reinforced during the whole movie.

   The local coffee shop launches a new iced coffee flavor every spring, just in time for the upcoming summer months.  They use TGI’s 3.5 oz sampler cup with their logo printed in a bright vibrant color to hand out samples of the new flavor.  

    One farm implement dealer located near the site of an agricultural trade show ordered napkins and placemats promoting the show, the dealership and the industry. The custom-designed paper products were given to local restaurants just prior to the show.

    A food distributor of Hispanic items grew his business immensely by simply leaving custom-imprinted napkins and plates along with his food for the grocery chains to sample. The imprinted products were utilized while sampling, and his name brand was strongly validated.

    Send out TGI napkins, cups or coasters to your customer stating “Happy Holidays” (or any occasion, for that matter!) with your company logo. This is a practical and clever way to thank your clients for their business.

           A coffee shop debuts a new seasonal flavor of coffee and when a customer requests cream or sugar, a stirrer is given to them with the company’s logo and a description of the new seasonal flavor. Customers can then collect all the seasonal stirrer sticks and bring them in for a free coffee.

   A small gourmet chocolate shops treats are always recognizable because of their signature copper wrapping and labels.  Throughout the year the shop orders Tranter Graphics Chocolate Brown beverage napkins with the shops logo imprinted in a shiny copper foil.  The napkins are used to hand out samples, and a few are tucked into each box sold so when the chocolates are gone the customer has that signature copper reminder to come back for more! 

   Local artists are asked to create a simple sketch to be imprinted on the Tranter Graphics Lasting impressions beverage napkins.  Five different lots of these soft white napkins are ordered each with its own work of art and artists name imprinted on them.  The napkins are used for the art galleries open house that they host for the public every Saturday afternoon





    An alumni organization sponsors a tailgating event at each home football game and uses the Tranter Tailgater Kit. The kit comes complete with matching napkins, cups, plates and utensils and comes housed in a convenient polybag that doubles as a trash bag or a 12-can souvenir cooler.

    A high school booster club was trying to raise money and sold stadium cups at the football games. The cups were sponsored by local businesses and featured their logos, providing inexpensive advertising.

    A large corporation located in a university town organizes a tailgating tent for every football game, and hands out TGI custom-imprinted stadium cups, Party Plates and matching napkins and utensils. Not only did they display the corporate logo and the sports team logo, but the products were all in the team’s colors.

    One pro football team uses various printed paper products during its recruitment parties to court new talents. The custom-designed Tranter items carry ad copy that highlights the team’s statistics and successes.

    Tranter Graphics sold several sizes of translucent cups, paper plates, and beverage napkins that were recently used in the Club Level of a famous racing event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.



    A travel company runs a promotion on airfare to a certain destination. To launch the promotion they send out a mailing of 12oz. TGI stadium cups and lids. The cups are printed with the travel company’s information and the slogan, ‘For the Babysitter.’ Inside the cup is a flyer outlining the details of the promotion and a caption saying, ‘Leave the Kids at Home and Take a Romantic Vacation to Aruba!’

    A large airline is promoting a special airfare for children. During this promotion, they purchase TGI 12 oz. stadium cups imprinted with the airline logo. The items are used during the flight and taken home by the children as a souvenir of their trip.

    A major airline faced the challenge of disgruntled employees in light of the budget cuts and downsizing. A winter party was held in addition to their summer picnic where they challenged a soup cook-off between departments. The teams chose logos and colors to promote their group’s soup. Several promotional products were used, including Tranter’s deli bowls and matching colored napkins, cups, utensils and plates. The low morale was rejuvenated and winter didn’t seem so long.

   A cruise ship orders the Tranter Graphics Lasting Impression beverage napkins branded with name of the ship in a sea blue ink.   The napkins are ordered once or twice every month and used throughout the ship in restaurants, lounges and the guest cabins.  











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