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Gold Standard for service.

...I've seen a lot of suppliers come and go.

I have seen a lot of changes in my 8 years in at PrintGlobe, and I’ve seen a lot of suppliers come and go. I’ve seen so many companies we work with fade away with either poor service, shrinking product lines or quality inconsistency…the one company and product line that has stayed 100% consistent in quality, service and dependability all these years is Tranter Graphics. Year after year you all prove to be tremendous partners and a huge part of our success as a company. And it’s not been an easy task to keep up with our growth and demand. When I started we had 7 account managers, today we have 30, and every single one of them will tell you that the Gold Standard for service is Tranter.

Jamie Dickens

Director of Sales

Date: 11-Dec-2012