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Travel Industry

A travel company runs a promotion on airfare to a certain destination. To launch the promotion they send out a mailing of 12oz. TGI stadium cups and lids. The cups are printed with the travel company’s information and the slogan, ‘For the Babysitter.’ Inside the cup is a flyer outlining the details of the promotion and a caption saying, ‘Leave the Kids at Home and Take a Romantic Vacation to Aruba!’

A large airline is promoting a special airfare for children. During this promotion, they purchase TGI 12 oz. stadium cups imprinted with the airline logo. The items are used during the flight and taken home by the children as a souvenir of their trip.

A major airline faced the challenge of disgruntled employees in light of the budget cuts and downsizing. A winter party was held in addition to their summer picnic where they challenged a soup cook-off between departments. The teams chose logos and colors to promote their group’s soup. Several promotional products were used, including Tranter’s deli bowls and matching colored napkins, cups, utensils and plates. The low morale was rejuvenated and winter didn’t seem so long.