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Sports Clubs/Teams

An alumni organization sponsors a tailgating event at each home football game and uses the Tranter Tailgater Kit. The kit comes complete with matching napkins, cups, plates and utensils and comes housed in a convenient polybag that doubles as a trash bag or a 12-can souvenir cooler.

A high school booster club was trying to raise money and sold stadium cups at the football games. The cups were sponsored by local businesses and featured their logos, providing inexpensive advertising.

A large corporation located in a university town organizes a tailgating tent for every football game, and hands out TGI custom-imprinted stadium cups, Party Plates and matching napkins and utensils. Not only did they display the corporate logo and the sports team logo, but the products were all in the team’s colors.

One pro football team uses various printed paper products during its recruitment parties to court new talents. The custom-designed Tranter items carry ad copy that highlights the team’s statistics and successes.

Tranter Graphics sold several sizes of translucent cups, paper plates, and beverage napkins that were recently used in the Club Level of a famous racing event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.