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Small Businesses

A promotional products distributor orders the TGI Third Hand Snack Tray to donate to their Chamber of Commerce for after hour functions. The distributor has their company information printed on the tray and receives end quantity pricing from Tranter Graphics. Business flourishes as many Chamber members now associate the distributor with unique ideas, and come to her for more creative ideas to help their businesses.

A group of small local businesses combine their efforts and give away the Tote Bag Kits to each new mom at a nearby hospital. Each business has an area to advertise on the tote bag. The mothers are appreciative for the disposable food service products during such an exciting time, and the kit has a long life around the house.

A local video franchise sold a microwave bag of popcorn along with a tub and a package of napkins with their custom logo. Their brand was reinforced during the whole movie.

One farm implement dealer located near the site of an agricultural trade show ordered napkins and placemats promoting the show, the dealership and the industry. The custom-designed paper products were given to local restaurants just prior to the show.

A food distributor of Hispanic items grew his business immensely by simply leaving custom-imprinted napkins and plates along with his food for the grocery chains to sample. The imprinted products were utilized while sampling, and his name brand was strongly validated.

Send out TGI napkins, cups or coasters to your customer stating “Happy Holidays” (or any occasion, for that matter!) with your company logo. This is a practical and clever way to thank your clients for their business.