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Restaurants/Bars/Country Clubs

An exclusive country club treats their members like royalty by offering a Touch of Linen hand towel in their powder rooms, along with Touch of Linen napkins in their bar and restaurant. The sophisticated texture adds to the class of the establishment.

A local sports bar is attracting patrons during the college football bowl games and purchases cups, coasters and napkins with the bar’s logo and a football theme displayed. They also give the patrons a reusable printed stadium cup that they may take home.

A local seafood restaurant purchases TGI Lobster Bibs for their customers to protect their clothing while eating the delicious food.

TGI Dispenser Napkins are given out to customers who order take-out from many types of restaurants. The extra napkins are much appreciated and the restaurant logo stays around longer than the food!

A microbrewery uses TGI custom-imprinted coasters and Promo-Naps to advertise the brewery’s ‘Beer of the Month’ program.

A popular restaurant, known for their wings, orders Tranter Graphics Piks to place in each basket. Since the Pik specifies whether the wings are WIMPY, AVERAGE, HOT, VERY HOT or CALL THE FIRE DEPT, this helps both the servers and the patrons as they decide which basket to grab!