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An outside concert venue uses TGI stadium cups, plates and napkins to promote the entertainment.

Boating enthusiasts use napkins, coasters, placemats and paper plates to entertain on the high seas. TGI items are ideal vehicles to advertise the names of their boats, titles, call numbers and home port for use on the water or land.

An enthusiastic football fan purchases the TGI Tailgater Kit items for his tailgating party every weekend. He purchases these items in the colors of his sports team, the team logo proudly displayed on each. These items promote spirit and provide easy cleanup.

A golfer purchases TGI napkins, coasters, cups and stirrers, all with a continuous golf theme and name of the golfer, adding to the atmosphere of his personal bar at home.

Stadium Cups are a great item for almost any activity or sporting event, but have you ever heard of mailing a stadium cup? One sponsor of a 10K run did just that. They invited winners of area 10K runs to participate in their event by putting the invitation in the stadium cup and mailing it. The attendance increased nearly 30%, due to the attention-getting mailing!

A casino was looking for some ideas for gift shops. They purchased custom imprinted stadium cups with lids and inserted a deck of cards into the cup to be sold as souvenirs.

Even individual hobbyists have found a definite plus to Tranter Graphics items. They are an inexpensive way to exercise those bragging rights!

Antique car collectors imprint them with a rendering of their auto, the model year and the owner’s name.
Horse racing enthusiasts boast winners and accomplishments with unique designs, dates and titles won.
Owners of prize-winning pedigree dogs and cats find that show parties are more fun with napkins and coasters that advertise their kennels and breeds.