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A local radio station gives away tickets to area college games. They were not getting the recognition they wanted so, along with the tickets, they gave away a custom food service set consisting of Colorware products with the college mascot, radio station logo and tagline imprinted on the items, to be used at tailgates.

A nationally broadcasted radio program was hosting it’s monthly sales meeting. The station management purchased Tranter’s Lunch Launcher Kit to use during the “working lunch” meeting. The goal of these meetings is to come up with new ideas of promoting the radio program to existing and potential customers. Not only did the Lunch Launcher Kit meet the needs of the employee meeting, the radio station decided this product would be great to sponsor and give away as freebies to contest winners and local businesses. What a great way to get name recognition!

One television network wanted to encourage fans to use its reality show as an excuse for weekly get-togethers. They ordered matching cups, napkins and plates to be sold on the network’s website. The show is a hit and viewing parties are popping up everywhere using TGI products.

A well-known television drama/crime series used Tranter’s Deli containers on a recent episode where the scene took place in a New York deli. Since the producers couldn’t use the real name of the deli, the imprinted containers reinforced the authentic look of the scene.

A long-standing popular sports program was faltering among its younger demographic. In order to reposition its image in the minds of this market, the network distributed cleverly designed coasters, placemats and glasses to bars throughout the country. The impact was huge and the promotion was very well-received.