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A food manufacturer exhibits at several trade shows a year. To offer samples of their products, they use Tranter deli containers, which come in a variety of sizes. Yogurt, nuts, candy, soup and many types of finger foods can be given out in these bowls and containers.

A well-known nut manufacturer produces and distributes an annual catalog from which their wholesalers can order imprinted promotional products. Tranter napkins and coasters were packaged together in a gift set that included beer steins from another promotional products company and the set continues to be a best seller!

A food manufacturer introduces a new cereal and to launch it, buys time in grocery stores for sampling. TGI aprons and sampler cups are used with the new cereal’s logo printed on both products. The servers were so prominent in their attire that the cereal attracted four times the number of people as those drawn to the other testing booths.

A national machinery manufacturer, who displays at many national trade shows, invites their key accounts to pre-show cocktail parties. One of the biggest problems at a cocktail party is juggling a drink in one hand and a plate of hors d’oeuvres in the other. For those who want to shake hands or eat, this is virtually impossible without growing a third hand. The manufacturer ordered TGI’s Third Hand Snack Trays, which hold both the drink and snacks, leaving the other hand free for business cards or handshakes. They have ordered them throughout the year for nine different trade shows, imprinting each snack tray with a different trade show theme.

A cookie manufacturer samples their cookies at malls across the country. The three-day event required that all the servers wear an apron each day. By the second day, cloth aprons would have looked soiled and very unprofessional. The TGI disposable apron costs less than a cloth apron and all the servers were able to present themselves professionally each day.

A candy manufacturer introduces a new treat and sends a mailing to top customers. The new candy is packaged into TGI custom-imprinted stadium cups with lids, and the manufacturer is recognized and remembered for a creative promotion.

A leading manufacturer of microwave ovens provides custom-designed 500 Line items to its sales outlets. Practical in their use with microwave demonstrations, the food service items carry ad copy for the product and company.

A faux-fur manufacturer held a light-hearted cocktail party and fashion show for their key clients in which the theme was “Go Faux”. They used all sorts of pseudo-looking items as party favors. Included were Tranter’s Reflection® utensils (silver’s look-alike), champagne flutes, (faux crystal), and Luxury Linen napkins (linen-like). The table-setting looked like the real thing, as did their fur collection!

A great deal of manufacturing and corporate firms feature Tranter Graphics napkins, cups, plates and coasters in their corporate catalogs so dealers can order for their next special event. Products such as these are highly successful in corporate catalogs. Tranter products have worked in bank, trucking, phone, food, technology, agricultural, furniture, consumer products and party catalogs, just to name a few. Try it, you won’t be sorry!