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Government Organizations

A local city was celebrating Arbor Day at one of it’s many parks. They were planning a picnic lunch and needed disposable plates, cups and napkins. The whole event was based around making the Earth a better place to live so they did not want to use the traditional plastic items offered. They discovered Tranter’s Eco-friendly line of 100% biodegradable plates, cups and napkins. They promptly ordered the items and the picnic was not only fun, but Earth conscious too!

Organizations and lobbyists have found that entertaining officials and candidates for public office is still more effective with their message conveyed neatly on custom-designed Tranter Graphics items at teas, cocktail hours, fundraisers, rallies, conferences and recognition banquets.

Many state governor offices have discovered that custom-designed TGI 500 Line items, imprinted with the state seal and governor’s name, add dignity and prominence to state functions.

The United States Navy has used TGI custom-imprinted products for promotion and retirement parties.

Government embassies have used Tranter Graphics napkins, cups, stirrers and coasters custom-imprinted with the impressive embassy logo for entertaining.

Tranter Graphics napkins have even been used on governmental transportation vehicles, such as Air Force One and Sequoia.