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Banking/Financial Institutions

A credit union promotes a new Passport to Savings program by offering savings tips to their customers.  Each week they offer a new tip on how to save money for the program.  Tip #1: forgo one morning latte this week and save $5.  That week's tip is printed on 8 oz. foam cups and given out with free coffee to customers.


A bank is frequently approached for monetary donations from different non-profit organizations around the community. They decide to use custom-imprinted napkins, cups and plates from TGI for a donation that will have great impact and allow the bank to take the credit for supplying the food service products.

A community bank has a banquet hall that is used from time to time by community organizations. They keep the kitchen stocked with food service products from TGI that display the bank’s logo. The organizations use the products, and the bank receives added advertising exposure.

Some financial institutions provide custom-designed napkins and cups while discussing financial arrangements with customers. Many items offer information on their investment opportunities, in addition to the bank logo.

One credit union purchases napkins and cups to honor their retirees. Their retirement parties are accented beautifully with these very special napkins, imprinted with the retiree’s name, picture, length of service and brief synopsis of accomplishments.