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Construction Industry

A construction company hosts an open house to introduce a new model home. The company offers hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and uses napkins and cups printed with the new home design, which adds a warm feeling to the atmosphere and serves to remind attendees the purpose of the occasion. The ‘soft sell’ approach is well-received and multiple appointments are arranged for follow-up meetings.

A construction contractor is asked to quote on and draw up some plans for a large steel building slated to be built in the community. They want the business and need to make a strong impression with the potential client. When the time came to deliver the quote and plans, the contractor asked for a noontime appointment, picked up lunch and brought in the Tranter Snack Pack food set along with the plans. The group spent their lunch hour eating, going over plans and addressing questions. The remaining Snack Pack items sat in their offices for days to come during the crucial decision-making time. Guess who was awarded the job?