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Civic/Community Groups

A trade association was in need of gaining new members. They sponsored an educational event in conjunction with a cocktail party, utilizing Tranter Graphics products for coffee and snacks at the education seminar and for all the food service needs at the party. Included was the Party Plate which enables associates to mingle and eat/drink at once.

Fundraising can be a great moneymaker, and paper napkins printed with a local historic site and picture can make the local community proud that they are part of the promotion. The imprinted napkins can be put in poly bags of a custom count. This gives the look of a high perceived value for the fundraising group.

A MADD chapter prints their message on coasters and then donates the coasters to local bars and restaurants to get the message out where the drinking is happening.

To celebrate the grand opening of a community center, stadium cups with straws and lids, hot/cold paper cups, paper plates and luncheon napkins were donated by a local business. People of all ages enjoyed the longawaited event, which was made complete by the design of the building displayed on each food service product.

A ‘Meals on Wheels’ program uses TGI custom-imprinted plates, cups and napkins to distribute with meals. The patrons are very appreciative of this gesture as they do not have to hunt for dishes or deal with much cleanup.