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New Ideas for Selling Stadium Cups!





•  A large real estate company holding a weekend retreat used color changing stadium cups in various colors to pick teams for their team building activities.  The participants filled their cups with cold water to determine the team they belonged to.


• A zoo dispenses 12oz. stadium cups filled with food pellets to patrons wanting to feed the animals in the petting zoo. The cups get imprinted with the zoo logo and measuring lines on one side to ensure that all the patrons are given the same amount of animal food.


  •  A local high school sells athletic discount cards to the public and pairs it with a 16oz. stadium cup. THe cup has the schools sport schedule for that particular season on it. Discount card holders can also use the cup for discounted drinks at the consession stand at the events on the cup.


• A rehabilitation center hands out stadium cups with tips for healthy living on them. The center has 5 different tips printed so customer can collect all 5 during their time at the center.


•  A local bar has 22oz. stadium cups printed with their logo. If the customer buys a draft beer in the cup, additional refills are given at a discount. 


•  A local dance club orders color changing stadium cups each time they host a new DJ or artist performance. The cups list the dates of upcoming events at the club on one side and special offers or discounts on the other.


  •   A restaurant chain orders 12oz. stadium cups with lids and straws to use as childrens drink cups. The cups can be brought back for free refills with the purchase of dinner.


•   As final exams approached, a student organization recognized a key opportunity to help students while also raising money. They created an Exam Survival Kit by filling a 22oz stadium cup emblazoned with the school logo and library hours with various snacks, motivational stickers and study tools. Parents then received a flyer regarding this opportunity to support their children from far away. They submit their order for the kits, along with a little note of encouragement.  The student organization delivers the Survival Kits the week before exams start. The result... the  organization raises money, the exam-takers get a jolt of confidence and a "hug" from home – success!