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Sample of the Month

Welcome to the Sample of the Month Club archive.  

The Sample of the Month Club was designed to give our distributors valuable information

about our products to pass along to their customers. Here you will find past Sample Club

letters that include case studies, product specs, and more. If you would like us to send you

sample of any of the products you see please click here samples@trantergraphics.com 



 Click on the pictures to view past Sample Club letters!


     3 ply White       Promo Nap  




Elegant Imprints Luncheon    Colored Dinner




 Foam    Color Changing       Sampler 2    Unbreakable 2              Shot Glasses



       BriteLites    Colorware Paper       Sampler 1       Eco Friendly



Trophy Stemware     Unbreakable 1     Insulated Paper




Plates & Trays

 After Hours Tray 2 After Hours Tray 1



Wraps, Stirrers & Piks

  Wood Stirrer     Stirrers & Piks


    Coffee Sleeves 








     Digital Printing       Placemats Paper Utensil Bag